With the geolocation feature the Store Locator will automatically attempt to pinpoint your visitors location with their permission. The map will then center on their location and the search results will display the nearest locations to them. This feature is particularity useful for mobile users and automatically finding the nearest store locations for that user. This tutorial will show you how the feature works and how to turn it on.

How the Feature Works

  • When a visitor arrives on your Store Locator for the first time they'll be prompted by the browser to share their location information.

  • If the visitor grants approval the Store Locator will attempt to pinpoint their location on the map and the search results will reflect their location.

  • In some rare cases the exact location can't be found or will be off. Please see the Why isn't the geolocation feature finding my location properly section on the Common Questions page for more information about that issue.

  • Turn on the Geolocation Feature

    1. Go to the Setup tab.

    2. Go to the Geolocation Settings section.

    3. Turn on the Geolocation option.

    4. Click the Save button.

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